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positec headquarters, featuring a sprawling lawn with sunset in the background

Est. 2003


It's all about innovation. Taking what's always been done and reimagining it being done better, faster, easier, and more efficiently.

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Passionate about making customer’s live easier.

Worx® is a brand that is recognized as a leader that’s advancing the industry. While our objective might be simple, to create products that help people take care of their homes, yards and gardens, we don’t stop there. We take the accepted norm and reimagine it. Then we head to the drawing board to reinvent it. Then we move on to the next challenge and do it all over again.


Worx® brand took shape at the turn of the millennium as a way for Positec to showcase its impressive ability to innovate and improve on what’s considered the best the industry has to offer. Since our first Worx® products were offered in 2003, the Worx® brand has become synonymous with game-changing innovation. Worx® is now an established brand leader in markets all over the world. Worx® brand is sold is nearly every major home improvement or hardlines retailer around the globe. The Worx® team devotes our time and energy to delighting millions of home and garden enthusiasts – many of whom have become avid Worx® brand advocates. And the best is yet to come.