Designed with a holistic approach, the new facility integrates energy saving technologies—for lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation, water management—with energy produced from renewable sources.

Positec main office complex takes advantage of natural daylight, which is even guided underground to illuminate the basement/garage. At night time, artificial lighting is 100% LED and managed by an intelligent control system. Outdoor street lighting is provided by another set of LED powered by PV-wind hybrid power system.

Roof and vertical greening together with motorized shades provide improved insulation and reduces the need for energy-hungry air-conditioning. A ground source heat pump (GSHP) produces additional cooling while heat recovery equipment supplies hot water for kitchen and other use.

These technologies, combined, will spare our planet some 1,000 tons of carbon emissions per year. Rainwater collection and harness water reuse will produce a 4,000 ton/year saving of fresh water.


Green Powerhouse

With a surface of 3650sqm (0.9 acre) and an output of 400MWh per year, the photovoltaic system is the main powerhouse of the complex, which consumes much lower energy than conventional office buildings—less than 50W/sq.m (4.6W/sq.ft.) compared to 80W/sq.m (7.4W/sq.ft.).

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